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Our Methodology involves a six-pronged approach:

1) Identification of Client Objectives: Typically, a face-to-face interview, this meeting is intended to coordinate and develop specific goals, what the client is trying to achieve, by employing the anticipated research.

2) Research Program Development: Based within a proposal, this includes the outlining of a research program employing a multi-pronged approach, including data collection and analysis, focused to achieve client objectives. Also, established in this phase are time-frame of report completion & delivery and matters of budget.

3) Data Collection is conducted using a two-prong approach: Primary & Secondary Research

  • Primary Research involves personal interviews with subject industry company executives, including vice presidents of sales & marketing at industry OEMs; product managers; regulatory bodies; technical staff; & research institutions; end-users; national, regional & local distributors; sales representatives and value-added resellers;
  • Secondary Research involves collection and analysis of industry trade magazines, technical white papers, company financials (10K, 10Q), internal DCI databases, associational data, and online subscription services.

4) Market Analysis: Involves the organization of collected data into applicable breakdowns and industry definitions, as well as refining information to meet client objectives. In tangible form, it includes:

  • Number crunching
  • Application of industry trends and competitive parameters to data
  • Rechecking of non-reconciled data points

5) Final Report Preparation:

  • Data tables based on individual company objectives
  • Graphical representation of data including full-color charts and graphs
  • Textual analysis accompanying data tables and charts

6) Final Report Presentation utilizing modern presentation software and multimedia techniques

  • Consulting Services
  • The Center

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Dedalus Consulting has built a strong reputation in providing single-client consulting work in our core areas. Speak with one of our analyst's if you need marketing research that you do not see listed here, or submit an RFP to us? We typically can provide you with a detailed proposal within two days.

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Just Need the Facts?

The Center is Dedalus Consulting's affordable solution when all you need is reliable data.

The Center is the result of nearly 15 years of in-depth research in high technology markets. The Center offers instant, 24/7 access to comprehensive market data, competitive industry intelligence, market forecasts, surveys, white papers, and more!

The Center will comprise an affordable storehouse of market data, technology updates, and competitive intelligence.

Products will be available by subscription and include:

  • The Database (product breakdowns from 2003 to present by country, end-user, application, product types, and so much more...;
  • Market Briefs;
  • Technology Updates & Competitive Analogs; and
  • Industry Player Profiles.

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