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Frequency Control Devices Grow 5.9% by 2012

Mobile Devices, Laptops, Video Games and Global Positioning Systems Drive Demand

New York City, NY, August 17, 2008 – New York City-based market research firm Dedalus Consulting ( recently released a new report on quartz crystal- and non-quartz crystal-based frequency control devices (FCDs) that projects overall growth in dollar volume of 5.9% annually and unit volume of 7.9% annually. FCDs are passive electronic equipment components that provide precise time and frequency adjustments.

Dedalus Consulting also projects that with 37.5% of the market, quartz crystal-based oscillators and resonators, driven by growth in consumer mobile handsets and devices, will continue to dominate the market over the forecast period. However, quartz crystal-based FCDs will be subject to ongoing pressure on already thin profit margins from low-cost Asian manufacturers and non-quartz crystal-based technologies, which include SAW-based resonators, ceramic resonators and MEMS oscillators, the newest non-quartz device.

Frequency Control Components by Type 2009

Source: Dedalus Consulting

Supplier growth through 2012 will be concentrated in China and Taiwan. Taiwanese suppliers in particular are developing a reputation for producing high-quality FCDs. Similarly, the strongest market growth will come from China as the country’s manufacturing base continues to expand along with investments in wireless infrastructure.

In 2007 FCD suppliers shipped approximately 55% of output to distributors, approximately 27% to original equipment manufacturers of cell phones and networking equipment and approximately 18% to value added resellers such as subsystem board assemblers. In 2007 Japanese suppliers accounted for over 54% of FCD shipments – maintaining its longstanding position as the market share leader.

The new report also analyzes conditions in different global markets in order to help manufacturers refine strategic plans for an enhanced competitive advantage. For example, in European markets suppliers are looking at revamping distribution channels to increase margins and improve customer service. The Americas market has shifted from a focus on wireless voice applications to personal mobile devices such as PDAs and MP3 and DVD players. In addition, African countries’ growing investments in wireless telecom infrastructure offer attractive opportunities for companies prepared to enter that market.

The detailed report presents global growth projections through 2012 in six application categories (Consumer, Mobile, Industrial, Wired Communications, SATCOM/GPS, Military/Defense) and 24 subcategories. It includes growth projections for six quartz-based FCD products (crystal resonators, XOs, TCXOs, VCXOs, OCXOs and RbXOs) and three non-quartz-based FCD alternatives (SAW devices, ceramic resonators and MEMS oscillators). The report also contains a technical overview of quartz-based and non-quartz-based alternative devices and distribution channels.

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