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IP-Based Intercom and PA Systems Grow Over 56%

New Report Says Integrators of Voice, Data and Video on a Single Network Poised to Benefit

New York, NY — January, 2009 – Dedalus Consulting ( recently released new research on IP-Based Intercom & Public Address Systems, the first report in its Telecom & Mobile Communications Series. The report contains data on the U.S. market by product type in 10 sectors: Security, Education, Industrial, Commercial/Retail, Enterprise, Residential, Healthcare, Hospitality, Government and Transportation.

Dedalus projects that the enhanced functionality of IP-based products will drive demand, and by 2012, IP-based products will represent over 56% of the total U.S. market for intercom and public address systems. Some enhanced features include internet-enabled network-to-network communications, the ability to control multiple smart-device end points for two-way interaction and integrated audio/visual components.

IP-based networks offer significant advantages over existing intercom and PA systems. These products use existing network infrastructure, which is typically Ethernet cable. IP-based and open architecture network protocols enable scalability, a broader range of applications in mobile communications, video services and public broadband network access, inter- and intra-facility communications as well as communications and seamless integration with external networks. IP-based networks are highly cost effective and offer savings on installation, operating expenses and energy.

Exhibit One projects the size in 2012 of the U.S. market for IP-based intercom and public address systems by market sector. The Security and Enterprise markets are projected to maintain their status as the largest sectors.

In terms of penetration, the healthcare, hospitality and government sectors are projected to grow the fastest, with near saturation in these markets by 2012. Over the next 10 years, product innovators who combine LAN and WAN applications will be rewarded. This will require network architecture, control format and transmission protocol that can handle media from a variety of sources.

Exhibit One: US Market for IP-Based Intercoms/PAs by Market ($MM): 2012

IP Intercoms 2012

Source: Dedalus Consulting

Using 2006 as the base year, the report assesses the overall growth potential for IP-based intercom and public address systems and forecasts growth by product type and end-use market through 2012. It includes extensive information on the competitive environment, including recent market entrants, types of suppliers, differentiation points, general warranty standards, service contracts and barriers to market entry.

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