Welcome to Dedalus Consulting

Formed from a technology-based, single-client consultancy, Dedalus Consulting was started in 1996 to be a high-value provider of market research and competitive intelligence on technology-driven industries.

Our research focuses on both emerging and mature markets in high-technology sectors, including machining, alternative energy, advanced materials, life sciences, nanotechnology, electronic components, photonics and mobile communications. Some of the products that we cover include cutting tools, machining centers, diamond tools, indexable inserts, abrasives, ceramic materials, EDM machines, solar equipment, wind power equipment, biofuels, quartz crystals and oscillators, rubidium oscillators, atomic clock oscillators, SAW devices, MEMs, silicon devices, carbon nanotubes, germanium and surge protection components and devices.

The scope of our coverage in each of these areas includes global market sizing in terms of production ($, Units), consumption ($, Units), demand trends, forecasting, end-user industries, supply chain analysis, distribution channel breakdowns, forecasting, and competitor sales/market shares.

Our methodology includes comprehensive secondary and primary research including in-depth interviews with market participants including manufacturers, distribution channel representatives, end-users, government agencies, and service providers. With affiliates in Europe and Asia, we are well-positioned to cover global trends by region.

Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to academic research organizations engaged in the research, development and manufacturing of advanced technology products and services.