User Licenses Explained

Dedalus Consulting® offers its products under several license options which allow for access and use of the data and analyses presented. Each license is controlled through our digital rights management (DRM) system.

Copyright notice: Dedalus Consulting® reserves the copyright on all data and analyses accessed or exported from our system. Thus, the limitations on each license include that nothing accessed through our system can be distributed outside of the licensees organization without the express written consent of Dedalus Consulting®.

Of course, we understand that oftentimes special circumstances exist, so please let us know if one of these options does not fit your company's needs.

Each license comes with 24/7 access on our PDF online webviewer for published research Ulysses DSS™. The ability to print, export and offline viewing is also governed by the license chosen.

The PDF licenses are:

  • Academic/Non-Profit License — This is for use by an accredited academic institution or non-profit organizationon needing more than an individual license. Special pricing applies based on the number of licenses and options needed, so please submit a form through our research enquiry system and a customer service representative will contact you.
  • Individual License — This is for use by one individual only not affiliated with a corporate entity including but not limited to corporations, LLCs, LLPs, etc. These are typically best for a single researcher, independent consultant, etc. It allows for 24/7 online access on (2) two user devices (desktop, laptop or mobile). It is not printable nor is there offline use, i.e, you must be connected to the internet to open it.
  • Team License — Best suitable for multiple team members or individual team members who will share or incorporate the information into a larger company report. It allows for 24/7 online access on ten (10) user devices (desktop, laptop or mobile). It also allows the user to download the desktop version and print (1) hard copy.
  • Global License — This license is typically best for organizations that have more than one location and would like to make the data and analyses available across a multi-access server. It allows for online, webviewer access on fifty (50) devices (desktop, laptop or mobile). It also allows the user to download the desktop version and print ten (10) hard copies.
  • Enterprise License — This is a full-use license for those companies wishing to freely disseminate the report on internal networks for access at multiple locations for many people. It allows for a minimum of one-hundred (100) devices to start but unlimited licenses can be freely added upon request. It also allows the user to download the desktop version and print unlimited hard copies.

General Licensing Limitations

All reports and information contained within are copyrighted by Dedalus Consulting®. Nothing contained in any Dedalus Consulting publication or data subscription service can be disseminated in whole or in part except as source material in a properly accredited report, scientific/academic paper or presentation. This includes by email, multi-access server storage, etc. Use of the content must be accompanied by proper accreditation, i.e. "Source: Dedalus Consulting”, and should be approved by Dedalus Consulting®.